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FT Island is a five-member Korean band that released its first album, Cheerful Sensibility, in June of 2007 and has since made a name for itself. Televised programs such as Mnet’s 두근두근 여친만들기 and MTV’s Treasure Island were instrumental in their rise to popularity, but the band has committed itself to gaining recognition and fame for their talent and devotion to music rather than relying on looks or personality alone. FTI received several best new artist and popularity awards in 2007 after successfully promoting both their debut album and a follow-up repackage album. From oldest to youngest, the members are Lee Hongki (main vocal), Choi Jonghun (guitar, piano, leader), Oh Wonbin (guitar, vocal), Lee Jaejin (bass), and Choi Minhwan (drums).

Lee Hongki (이홍기) is FT Island's main vocal and mood maker. He brings life to every moment of any program with his loud voice, wild antics, sincerity and enthusiasm. However, his demeanor changes the instant he steps onstage. His dedication shows in the emotion he displays with every song. His powerful live performances win over even the most reluctant of fans and leave many eager for more. There's no doubt the future holds big things for him, as it does for all of FTI!

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